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We do not give leads, We give customers.

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Pay Per Call Advertising

The US WEBS helps local service providers grow their businesses using the power of online marketing.

We have packaged our customer acquisition tools, search engine strategies & call tracking technologies into a simple Pay Per Call advertising service that will help power up your business forward.

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Our Expertise

Here is what makes us different and better from every other lead generation company and makes you opt us above every other;

Get Leads
Get Business
Get Revenue

Have you ever wondered why it is so hard to close a lead? Have you ever thought about how a prospect already has so many price comparisons? This is because your lead provider is sharing your lead with 5 or 7 other companies that include your competitors as well.

The leads that we share are “100% Exclusive” and “Never Shared” Leads that will be directly transferred to your mobile number.

Moreover, you neither pay for the marketing campaigns nor the solicitation calls, duplicate calls, or wrong calls. So you pay for the real qualified leads only.

We target specific niche only

Our Indutries
  • Cleaning
  • Electrician
  • HVAC
  • Mold
  • Painting
  • Plumbing
  • Roofing
  • Water Damage

Complete set of features

Our Offerings
  • Call Tracking System
  • Client Portal
  • Individual User Login
  • Ticketing System
  • Premium Support
  • Weekly Reports
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • 98% Client Retention
We got the answers you are looking for

Frequently Asked Questions

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The US WEBS has learned the art of marketing over the years. We run marketing campaigns and put together a strategy that gets your customers right at your doorstep.

It all begins with the identification of the right client through the right platform at the right time. Then we put him/her on so you can brief about your services and explain to them why you are the right choice.

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What we do at the US WEBS is to limit a lead to one contractor only. That means the lead you are getting is never shared with any of your competitors. Moreover, that is not a text or email lead that was generated days ago, but a live customer talking on the phone.

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By default, a call that is seeking your services in your service area for approximately 60 seconds is considered a qualified call. You will not be charged for the solicitation calls, wrong number, less than 30 seconds, and the calls outside your service area.

If you don’t pick up the phone within 5 rings, calls go to our in-house call answering center. We take down the information and share it with you, That will be considered as a qualified lead.  If voicemail and the caller leave info, it is a qualified call as well.

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There is no cost upfront when you sign up with the US WEBS. We run a weekly payment cycle every Monday. The qualified calls for the last week will be billed next week so you can review the calls at the client portal in case of any confusion, dispute, or confirmation.

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